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24/7, personalized care — ABSOLUTELY! Most of the staff lives on site and quarters are within full view of all pastures.

Some of Our Horses

All of our horses have both a perfect personality and are in a great physical shape


Okay, I admit it. I am a sugarholic. My owner won’t give me all that I want so sometimes I pout by not eating my food, forcing Chappell to have to add honey to my feed.


I used to be named “Dart,” but Tammy, my groomer, says I act haughty and stuck-up and needed a more wealthy-sounding name. I absolutely love strawberries and I HATE getting wet.


I love bananas, but ONLY if they are peeled. If you try to give me an unpeeled banana, forget about it. I won’t eat it. Now, if you freeze a banana, peeled or unpeeled, then THAT’S a different story; I LOVE them frozen. I also like to run. Sometimes I just run and run.

About Us

What started as just a dream quickly evolved into a passion and finally a business. Chappell Biggar is a long-time horse owner and former insurance salesman who grew up riding and training horses on his father’s farm in South Dakota.

The insurance business brought him to the Appling area 40+ years ago and he has been a resident ever since. 14 years ago, he was able to retire and promptly bought the property that is now Biggar Farms.

Chappell prides himself on keeping a neat, well-maintained farm. And the standards established years ago by his father, Cecil on that South Dakota farm, live on today through the lives of Chappell and his farm staff.

Biggar Farms has considerable experience caring for horses of all ages. Boarders will be happy to find both a lighted outdoor arena AND a no-dust indoor area so that there is no need for horses to go outdoors in bad weather.

Chappell and most of his staff live on the property and all pastures are in full view of the residences.

Each horse is treated as a unique individual and given special one-on-one care daily.

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We are currently full but do expect to have a stall available in mid-to-late December. Contact us below for more information.


You’re welcome to send us a email at info@biggarfarms.com for a prompt response.

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If you have any questions or you prefer to order over the phone, by all means give us a call.

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